FAQ for Lanyard Tomorrow Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any printing or customization service?

Yes, we offer a range of lanyard printing services including screen and full colour methods. We now also offer a range of personalised products including printed cards and custom patches.


Can you ship orders internationally?

Yes, we can ship to most countries please proceed to the checkout for prices


Can you get my urgent order to me next day?

With the name Lanyards Tomorrow it goes without saying that the express service we offer to UK is a next day service. For our international customers in France Germany Austria and the Netherlands we also offer a very reasonable 2 day express service.  For a next day service and any other counties not listed it might be worth emailing us so I can get you a shipping cost for next day. 


Do you send free samples?

For our plain stock products we don't send free samples, however, we have no or in some cases very low minimum order set on our website so samples can be purchased directly online and will be shipped with no delay. For custom products we have a range of sample that have our branding on so you can see what the print quality is like. Please contact us if you wish to see a sample of our persionalised products 


When will my order be shipped?

If you need your order fast then you have come to the right place. We shipp all our orders that sameday between Monday to Friday tup to 3pm. Any orders placed after 3pm will be despatched the following day. If you have just missed the cut off or have a special shipping requirment then please contact us


Can I return an item for a refund?

Yes, we have a no fuss return policy. As long as the ID accessories you have order have not been used you can return for a refund Please contact us or see our return policy for full details. If you have an issue with your order then we will resolve it fast so please alway give us a chance to help you. 


I wish to pay by Invoice / purchase order?

Im sorry but we are an online retailer that deals with hundreds of orders each day from our other websites and online platforms. We only accept payment upfront using one of our secure checkout methods. 


I placed my order but I have not received a confirmation email ?

You will more than likely find the email in your junk folder, please check and if you dont see it and would like peace of mind please contact us. There could be a number of reasons why your email has not been recieved but we are alway happy to resend if required 


I live near Letchworth, can I collect from you today?

Technically yes you can, but we are a busy warehouse with no walk in shop front so you would need to give us a call first to make arrangements so we dont send your order out. 


I need my order today can you arrange a same day courier?

No, we dont offer this service due to how difficult it would to manage the whole of the UK but we have had customer is the past who have booked there own sameday courier and ordered the products they required and selected the frist delivery option. Please give us a call before you place the order so we can process your request.   


Which plain lanyard colours are available, and what is the best use for each?

Grey lanyards exude a sense of neutrality and professionalism. They are often chosen for corporate events and trade shows, offering a sleek and understated look. Purple lanyards symbolize creativity and individuality. They are frequently used for events that celebrate uniqueness and innovation. Orange lanyards are vibrant and energetic, making them perfect for events that aim to create a lively atmosphere. They can represent enthusiasm and excitement. Black lanyards are synonymous with sophistication and formality. They are a popular choice for formal occasions, conferences, and elegant events. Pink lanyards are associated with femininity and compassion. They are often used in breast cancer awareness events and for promoting a caring and empathetic atmosphere. White lanyards symbolize purity and simplicity. They are versatile and can be used for a wide range of events, from weddings to medical conferences. Yellow lanyards are bright and cheerful, representing optimism and happiness. They are suitable for events that want to create a positive and friendly vibe. Green lanyards evoke a sense of eco-consciousness and harmony, making them an ideal choice for organizations and events that prioritize sustainability and nature. Blue lanyards convey trust and reliability. They are commonly chosen for corporate events and professional settings, symbolizing stability and dependability. Red lanyards are bold and attention-grabbing. They symbolize passion and energy and are often used for events that aim to inspire or motivate. Burgundy lanyards are rich and elegant. They are associated with sophistication and luxury, making them suitable for upscale events. Turquoise lanyards represent tranquillity and balance. They are often used in wellness and relaxation events, promoting a sense of calm. Navy Blue lanyards are classic and timeless. They are a popular choice for events that require a formal and professional appearance. Peach lanyards are soft and warm, symbolizing friendliness and approachability. They can create a welcoming atmosphere at events. Mint lanyards are refreshing and youthful. They are often chosen for events targeting a younger audience, conveying a sense of innovation and novelty.


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