Funky Cool Lanyards

Browse our range of more exciting, funky and cool lanyards available in a selection of colours and designs to suit every need.
Each of our lanyards fit securely to each of our ID holders perfectly.

Also included in our range is the Pizza Holder Lanyard which has been a huge hit!
Possibly the most bizarre lanyard on the market today, that makes a fun gift for any pizza lover.

To some people, a lanyard can be a little boring and if you need to wear one every day for work it might be nice to wear something around your neck that's a little funkier. I'm sure you have already noticed that Lanyards Tomorrow has a massive range of plain lanyards with all types of clips but after lots of feedback from our customers, we realised that there is a demand for more exciting neck strap styles.

We have available to you our best selling rhinestone lanyards, covered in sparkly diamante colours gems. They will be sure to add some bling to your next event. Check out our cool printed patterns including Zebra animal print and multicoloured effects. New novelty zip neck straps that are made of plastic and is a fully working zipper converted into a lanyard.

Introducing the Pizza Holder! You wanted it, so we've produced it! Following on from a joke post we shared on social media. We have been overwhelmed with demand for the Pizza Holder. We are sure it will be the must-have pizza gift and most bizarre lanyard in the market today.