Phone ID

Phone Id

Im sorry but the PhoneID app is no longer available to download

Our company is primarily offering lanyards and ID accessories which you can see by browsing our store here. We offer a massive range of lanyards and ID badge holders, from the simplest designs to more premium corporate style.

However, since we started to sell lanyards and ID holders, we noticed many of our customers are requesting us to make plastic ID holders that are big enough to hold their mobile phones. They encourage our company to make such item because according to them, we are now in a digital age and business conferences require digital devices more and more, our lanyards and ID holders provide a way to carry them. Therefore, we have come up with this newly-developed application called PhoneID that will let you customise your own ID badge. From our customers feedback and requirements we created a way to make a unique Phone ID that you are able personalise.


We are proud to now present to you our brand new free to use app PhoneID by Lanyards Tomorrow to customise your own ID. You now have a customised phone identification that you can take advantage of. You can use this item to professionally introduce yourself to your newest business partners or anyone else! They simply need to look at your phone suspended in a lanyard and supported by a plastic holder and they can now get to know you more!

  • Simple to Use. Using the app is very easy, this app allows your ID card design to be easily customised directly on your smartphone. It only takes a few minutes to set up and use time and time again. It is very user-friendly and will never intimidate anyone. It presents an easy navigation panel, with a few clicks, you now have a phoneID to let people know who you are.
  • Add your own image. You can add your own logo in the app by retrieving it from your phone’s photo gallery
  • Mobile scan. Optional mobile scan icon in order to permit people to scan your detail from your ID.
  • Additional room for custom text. There are 2 optional custom fields to give you the option to add further information such as your email, phone number, social media accounts and other necessary details
  • Orientation display options. Displays your ID either horizontally or vertically
Significant Uses of PhoneID
  • PhoneID allows people to use their phone as an ID card. There is no need to use expensive printers and waste money to make a normal ID cards as this app lets you freely use your phone to introduce yourself to the world.
  • You could put your phone in a holder with lanyard and have it around your neck for a show / exhibition / business meeting
  • Taxi drivers could use it to display their details and company logo when the phone is mounted on their car
  • Can be used on a tablet to display your details for a pick up at airport arrival (better company image than a sign)
  • During community events where your company has been one of the organisers, your PhoneID can get people’s attention and let them know who your company is.


Im sorry but the PhoneID app is no longer available to download


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