ID Card Holders

Do you want to buy a bulk of ID card holders for your event? If you’re preparing for your businesses Christmas event and you require ID card holders for your staff, then order them from us here at Lanyards Tomorrow.


We have a variety of ID card holders available on our website, all of which vary in durability, shape and colourings – meaning that you can pick a plan, simple and formal ID card holder or you can add some personality with our horizontal or vertical coloured ID card holders. With our selection of clear ID card holders, you have the option of having a simple pouch or a slightly thicker material around the pouch which gives it more strength and durability.

Having such a joyful Christmas event it will be important that your team look the part, so their uniform and ID card or name badge look appealing to the guests. This is why we would personally pick our coloured ID card holders, especially for an event for Christmas.


Whether you want one colour or a number of colours we can help, by providing you with neat and crisp looking ID card cases. Our card holders look bright and will easily highlight the fact that you are staff at any event. This is a benefitting factor – encourage the festive mood by injecting colour into the event. Although they will encourage fun they will also be useful in boosting your staff’s approachability with brighter horizontal or vertical rigid ID badge card holders.


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