• ScanJam RFID contactless card protection
  • ScanJam RFID Credit Card Protector
  • ScanJam RFID Credit Card Protector boxed
  • ScanJam RFID Credit  card protection
  • ScanJam RFID Credit Card Protector contactless card protection
  • ScanJam RFID Credit Card Protector
  • ScanJam RFID Credit Card Protector

ScanJam RFID Contactless Credit Card Protector

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The latest in E-Pickpocket protection! The ScanJam is patented and will protect your contactless credit cards from criminals who try to steal your card details. The really clever part of this innovative contactless card protection gadget is that it is powered up by the attackers signal which means it requires no batteries or charging. ScanJam is the size of a credit card and will slide into any standard wallet so you can just forget you even have it and have peace of mind that you are protected from growing problem.

Check out the product video below and also take advantage of our savings if you buy more than one ScanJam


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Many people have become a victim to pickpocketing and finding random transactions appearing on your bank statement. Contactless skimming is on the rise due to most people being forced by their banks to use contactless credit cards. A criminal can use small hidden devices and apps that can steal your card detail from up to 10 metres away. It can't be detected quickly so poses a lot less risk to the criminal.

The ScanJam gives you peace of mind that your wallet and bank cards are safe. By simply placing the ScanJam inside your wallet it will act as a shield and will block any RFID attack.

The ScanJam is so much better than any competitors card shield as it a card that stores inside your wallet, not fiddly cases that you have place each card inside or a special wallet, you don't like the look of. Use with your favourite designer wallet.


  • Easily slots into your wallet, you will forget its there 
  • No batteries required, it takes power from the attackers signal - VERY CLEVER & SATISFYING 
  • 24/7 protection with a powerful 9cm e-shield surrounding the wallet, blocking the incoming signals 
  • Easy identity protection 
  • Gift boxed so would make a great gift idea 



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can only hope it works as it should,with no way of telling (Posted on Thursday 15th March 2018 08:56:16 AM)

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