Where To Buy Black ID Badge Lanyards

Are you holding an event or looking for an effective way for your staff to be located? Then have you considered buying an ID Badge Lanyard? On our website we have a variety of ID badges and lanyards that can be utilised in a variety of occasions and events, whether they’re formal or informal. We want to encourage the use of lanyards simply because of their effectiveness and versatility. For example, with Halloween on Saturday many people will want to create their own costumes. If you need a material to strengthen your cape or you want to attach it to yourself, then a great way to do so could be by using a lanyard. We stock black lanyards so these could be perfect for your costume.


In terms of ID badges, we have something extremely exciting and new to offer to the world. We are primarily known for our admiration for lanyards and ID accessories. However, there has been a growth in the orders of plastic ID badges. Although our badges are expertly crafted, we've thought of a new way for ID badges to be formed, worn and presented. We would like to introduce our new PhoneID.


Technology today is advancing before our very own eyes, and with the combination of our profession and technology we have coined our PhoneID software, which will allow you to customise your own ID badge from your phone. It is a free to use app that allows you to customise your own ID and to display it from your phone. It could be extremely useful to professionally introduce yourself to your newest business partners. To find out more, click here.

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