Lanyards Suitable For Schools

Are you looking for lanyards that are suitable for schools? You can find a range of lanyards for school by visiting Lanyards Tomorrow. At Lanyards Tomorrow we have a wide range of lanyards to meet the needs of any client that is hunting for a lanyard.


If you are a teacher who needs a lanyard as a form of identification at school, or a student looking to keep your wallet or pencil case safely attached to your trousers or school bag, we will have the right lanyard for you. We have a range of lanyards which differ in material, colour, length and width. What always remains the same is high quality of each lanyard we supply. If you’re a student and you want to create something different for a school project of yours, why don’t you use lanyard to create something? Lanyards are very durable and they are great for connecting things safely together. Maybe you could create a product of some sort which is suitable for fashion? Or maybe even a shape made out of lanyards?


People consider lanyards to be useful for just holding ID cards and other office utensils, but they have been known to be used in other ways. If you know French, then you will know that ‘Lanyard’ comes from the French word ‘lanière’, which means ‘strap’. Sometime after the 1400s in France, Lanyards were actually used in the French military for securing and holding whistles, guns and swords. This shows their reliability so why not take advantage of this and create something special. 

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