PhoneID with Lanyards And ID Holders

If you’re organising an event like a public celebration, corporate event or exhibition then there are many aspects of the event to organise. You may need to hire a building, some staff for the day or night and you may even need to layout the hall or area where your event will take place. However have you considered finding quality lanyards and ID holders? These can be a great way to quickly identify your staff on the day – by allowing them to wear certain lanyards and an ID card holder on the lanyard. If that’s not what you would like the lanyards and ID cards for, then you can always buy a big bulk of lanyards and ID card holders to distribute to your guest, customers and clients attending the event.


Here at Lanyards Tomorrow we are the experts in the UK in providing good quality selection of lanyards and ID holders. In terms of our lanyards we provide a range of lanyards that are available in different colours, differing clasps and different thicknesses and strengthened materials. Our ID card holders similarly are available in different styling and colours as well as shape and material.


You may be wondering that you don’t want to buy an ID card holder because then you’ll have to create a name badge to place into the holder, well this isn’t entirely true thanks to our new app. The PhoneID app is our very own new app that allows you to create your very own ID card digitally using just your mobile phone. After creating your badge, you can then place the phone into the card holder in place of a temporary card.

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