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Want to find black lanyards online? Here at Lanyards Tomorrow, we stock a wide range of pre-printed and plain stocked lanyards. In a range of styles, colours and sizes. Lanyards have been around for some time and they have been used for so many reasons. They are most commonly used for holding small items, ID cards and memory sticks, but they have actually been used for a whole range of other reasons too.


Lanyards were first mentioned by the French in the 1400s. If you know French, then you will know that ‘Lanyard’ comes from the French word ‘lanière’, which means ‘strap’. Sometime after the 1400s in France, Lanyards were used in France’s military for securing whistles, guns and swords; slightly different to the objects attached to Lanyards nowadays.


Lanyards today though are most commonly utilized in the professional scene, in offices, schools and medical facilities. But Lanyards are also great for public speakers, trade show attendees, convention promoters, exhibitions, concerts & events, wedding attendees, fundraisers and so many more events. Lanyards can be used for literally anything. We reckon that if you wanted to create art, you could use the lanyard, if you wanted to create clothing you could use the lanyard, your options are limitless with Lanyards so make the most of them.


Continue to the Lanyards Tomorrow website now and buy yourself a pack of quality lanyards. 

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