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Whether you work at an exhibition, education faculty or estate agents, you may require badge clips. Here at Lanyards Tomorrow we provide a variety of badge name clips that can be used in any way that you like. Badge clips are great for any line of work or public event where your name needs to be displayed. They’re always strong and durable so that you need not worry about your name tag.

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Our selection of badge clips allows you to find the right material, colour and style for your business or event. Say you’re a manager of a store and your staff are required to identify themselves as staff with badge name clips, then you may want their names to be fun and inviting to customers or basic and formal. We have different types of badge clips from our pack of 50 ID badge crocodile clips made from plastic and metal, retractable Yoyo ID badge reel clips, pack of 100 blue plastic ID badge name tag clips and pack of 10 ID neck ball chain necklace. These really do differ in operation but also style. Click here to see our badge name clips now.


We stock a wide range of quality badge clips, lanyards, ID card holders and office supplies. We also have a new mobile app called PhoneID – be sure to find out more about our app by clicking here.

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