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How much do you struggle finding that perfect, quirky gift for the person who has ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING?  Panic no more as the UK Pizza Holder has landed!

Measuring 7” x 9.5”, this clear vinyl novelty gift holder with zip lock allows a true pizza lover to never be without their favourite snack.  Comments are sure to be plentiful when this hilarious yet handy accessory is worn.  Imagine being at the local park walking your dog and being able to consume a tasty slice of pizza while Fido plays, all without the need to carry a separate bag or box. You will be the envy of your fellow dog walkers! Or your kids could use this in the car on a journey when they want to finish off last night’s pizza but you need to get on the road.  You could also wear this for a night out on the town and see what fellow party-goers think!Pizza Holder

The lanyard is simply worn around your neck and - hey presto – you can munch on the go and be proud of the fact displaying your pizza on your chest!  What does your pizza slice say about you? Are you a meaty muncher, a fishy foodie or very veggie?!

Leaving school this summer and on a budget? Why not get one of the Pizza Pouches for your friend to wish them well at college.  It also makes the perfect Secret Santa gift and will not break the bank. 

We regularly provide Lanyards and ID Holders for conferences so if your business is in some way related to pizza why not offer your clients something they have never seen before?

Fully reusable, you can enjoy this holder over and over again but you need to be sensible and not heat this product in an oven or microwave – it isn’t designed for that.  You could also put other triangular shaped objects in the pouch such as a slice of quiche if you so desire…. well, if you would wear pizza around your neck, then why on earth not?!

Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut you need this product!  We would love to talk to you!

You may think this product is pointless, or you might think it’s the best thing since sliced pizza so why not share it with your friends now on social media and/ or tag that pizza lover you know?