Since we first launched our website we have been very surprised by the number of schools buying our products. We have now improved our range to be designed specifically for use in schools, universities and community centres. Below is a guide to just some of our products that would be suitable for your school campus.

Pre-Printed Lanyards

Security in schools is more stringent than ever with booking in visitor processes and systems in place to know who is on the campus at any time and the reason for their visitor. In larger schools like a university, it is equally important to identify a member of staff.  

Our pre-printed lanyards have bold white text clearly showing the person's role or reason for being on site. We have a range of colours so you can mix for example a lanyard for a member of staff as green and then have your visitor lanyards in red. 

We also always have stock of governor and student lanyards that are very popular for schools and all our range of printed lanyards include a breakaway.  

Printed lanyards for a school


Breakaway Lanyards

If a lanyard was to be used in a classroom or school trip, safety has to come first. A breakaway quick release attachment on lanyards is a mandatory requirement in most schools this is understandable then you consider that schools take on a massive responsibility looking after your children and it’s of course in everyone interests that all is done to reduce any risks.

ID Holders

When it comes to badge printing your requirement can vary depending on what information you want to show and what you want to use it for, so we stock all sorts of clear ID wallet sizes. We have large A6 sized badge holders that would be used to carry a lot of identification information which would be useful for a parent-teacher day or student open day.  We have a more practical rigid ID card holder that would be more for everyday use to give your students or teachers a way of holding a school pass or lunch card. If you want to match your school schools with your lanyard then try our closed faced coloured holders that give a professional feel to your badge holder. 

Rigid badge holder with a card


Bulk Discounts for Everyone

We continue to focus on delivering the very best customer service and unrivalled delivery speeds. We are trusted by many schools across the UK and our reputation grows more every day. Simply browse our shop today and take advantage of our amazing wholesale prices.  



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